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:bulletred:Our Animals:bulletred:Causes and Petitions:bulletred:Contests:bulletred:

Welcome To Our Group, We support and love any and all shelter, zoo, stray, domesticated animals, feel free to send us an affiliate request, we affiliate with almost all groups so long as it doesn't support violence, abuse or hate of/against anyone or anything

Gallery Submission Guidelines: We accept any animal photos, please submit them to the correct gallery, here are the descriptions
Featured - Currently for images from deviants that donate toward a super group upgrade
Contest Folder - For whatever contest is currently being held
Pets - Domesticated animals of any species, kind, etc even if its a deer, etc that has been domesticated
Zoo - Animals kept in zoos
Wildlife - Any kind of wildlife such as squirrels, deer, etc
Strays - Stray or homeless domestic animals such as cats, dogs, etc living on the streets
Humane Societies - Animals that are living in shelters, including foster animals
Stamps - Stamps containing animal photos
Prints - Animal photos available for purchase

Favorites Submission Guidelines: We accept any animal related art so long as it does not support violence, abuse or hate of/against anyone or anything

Blog Posting Guidelines: I will post a blog with a link to your cause or petition so long as the cause/petition does not ask for any kind of money or donation, this is so we can prevent fraud, also it must not support violence, abuse or hate of/against anyone or anything

Profits for animals is an organization that i have created to help my local shelters, any profits made from our prints(deviations in the "PFA Prints" folder) purchases will go toward a shelter in my local area

We allow any of our members to submit photos of animals as long as the photograph was taken by you or has your animal in it

This group isn't just about raising money for animals, its also showing support and you can show your support by submitting animal photos



Unframed-Nature's Next BIG Contest!

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 21, 2013, 4:59 PM
:iconzubatlaplz: Welcome to Unframed-Nature's Next BIG Contest :iconzubatlaplz:

:iconpumpkinborderplz: Autumn THEME 2013: "The Strangest and Spookiest Tree" :iconpumpkinborderplz:

As Nature Lovers, I am sure most of us LOVE trees!

Not only do we love them, but from that love, we want to protect them, their beauty and all of their multitude of benefits for our planet, whenever this is possible.

Let us combine this total compassion and understanding for trees, with some seasonal or holiday FUN, and think about, go out and find, create, or imagine the strangest or spookiest tree you know of, and express it in the medium of your choice! :la:

Ask Yourself:

  • Do you know of a really odd looking tree?

  • Do you know of a tree that is really different in appearance, maybe one that has some creepy-shaped branches?

  • If not, and therefore you don't feel you could photograph such a tree, could you draw one?

  • Paint one? Traditionally, or Digitally? WRITE ABOUT ONE?? Make one as a fractal? Make a Photo-manipulation?

We are an All-Media group, and therefore ALL Media is welcomed to this Contest, as always, in the past.
Such a wide variety of media would truly be EXCELLENT for this Contest, such as, but NOT limited to:

  • Traditional- for example, A Drawing or Painting of a very strange or spooky Tree, or the use of Typography!

  • Photography- for example, Photojournalism about a known strange or spooky looking Tree, some strange looking Conceptual Tree, or a Spooky Abstract of a Tree, or simply under Plants: A photograph of a really strange and spooky tree!

  • Literature- Feel free to WRITE about a strange and spooky Tree- for example Poetry, Essays, Visual Poetry, Etc.

  • Flash- for example Animations, Movies, of some really bizarre and haunted looking trees blowing in the wind...

  • Digital- for example Typography, Photo-manipulations Fractals, Mixed Media, would ALL work in conveying some really unique and scary trees!

  • This list is not necessarily complete; other Media, may also work, as long as, YOU CREATED IT, and it is about a strange and spooky tree!



:nod: RULES :nod:

:bulletwhite: ONE Entry per Group Member. :)
:bulletwhite: MUST be a Member to Enter- Feel free to Join, by clicking the JOIN Button! :aww:
:bulletwhite: Starts: Tuesday, OCT. 1st; Ends: Tuesday, NOV. 5th, 2013 midnight, PST:…
[ 5 weeks long! No Extensions ]
:bulletwhite: Entry may be NEW or OLD, as long as it has NOT already been submitted to the Group.
:bulletwhite: ALL-MEDIA welcome as always- see above section for details- as long as the THEME is clearly expressed or stated in some obvious way.
:bulletwhite: To MOST clearly express the theme, the artist would convey ONE (1) SINGLE TREE.  
NOT a whole forest. There could be another tree or two somewhere within the deviation... preferably somewhere in the background, but the main point is, we should be able to CLEARLY know WHICH TREE is the STRANGE and SPOOKY tree!

:note: Additionally, there could be other Nature elements within the submission... like birds, water, a bear, a cat, a bat, a pumpkin, etc., ... BUT THE FOCUS MUST BE ON THAT STRANGE AND SPOOKY TREE!.

:note: A submission with a strange or spooky tree with a human, or a house, or a jack o' lantern, Etc., will ONLY be accepted IF THE TREE IS THE MAIN SUBJECT.  
These other elements must be of much smaller significance.

:note: This contest is about one WHOLE tree whether you WRITE about it, or whether it is a visual submission, where we would want to SEE the WHOLE tree, as in part of a 'Scape.

:bulletred: This is not about a branch, or a trunk, or a leaf- or any single CLOSE-UP, of PART of a tree.

:iconpointrightplz::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: DO, Place in the Artist Comments of your Entry,
stating that your entry is for : devunframed-nature : 's "The Strangest & Spookiest Tree" Contest

:note: Take out the spaces around devunframed-nature, so that the group can be clicked on.

AND, then, place the Link or THUMBCODE of THIS Contest Journal, here, in the "Artist Comments" of your submission.


If you do NOT follow this rule, first, Admins., will leave you a COMMENT on your Entry to give you a chance to correct this, but if we don't hear back from you in a few days, it will be declined.

:bulletwhite: Must adhere to all other general rules of our group.  

:bulletred: As always, NO violence, gore, or blood- NO Mature Content!


:blackrose: Entries :blackrose:
View Entries and Submit Entries:


There will be a panel of judges from a variety of artistic backgrounds, unrelated to our group- [non-members].

Judging will take place from: Nov 7th - Nov. 15th
Results should hopefully follow by: Nov 21st.

Judges will vote based on:
1. The QUALITY of your work within your medium of choice.
2. How CLOSELY you are able to follow and express the THEME.

:iconteamoplz: JUDGES :iconteamoplz:

1. SavageFrog
2. Celvas
3.  rainylake
4. wingsofdragons
5. marthig
6.  SimplySilent
7.  Stygma
8. TheGalleryOfEve
9.  eindraa
10.  WDWParksGal
11.  Icesis
12.  fluf-studios
13.  lintu47
14. O-Gosh
15.  Riemea
16. HrWPhotography
17. seven-s
18. cowboyB0B
19. VisualPoetress


:iconfirstplaceplz: PRIZES :iconfirstplaceplz:

:trophy: FIRST -

1,020 :points: - from: Our Group's Points Pool @ Unframed-Nature-PTS
50 :points: - from SilkenWinds
Personalized Animated Stamp - from marthig

Interview - from Unframed-Nature

Custom Random Slide Show Feature on Profile Page - from: TeaPhotography

:trophy: SECOND -

680 :points: - from: Our Group's Points Pool @ Unframed-Nature-PTS
Personalized Non-Animated Stamp - from marthig

:trophy: THIRD -

380 :points: - from: Our Group's Points Pool @ Unframed-Nature-PTS
Personalized Non-Animated Stamp - from marthig

:trophy: FOURTH -

200 :points: - from: Our Group's Points Pool @ Unframed-Nature-PTS

:rose: :rose: :rose: There will be FOUR Runners-Up

60 :points: to EACH from: Our Group's Points Pool @ Unframed-Nature-PTS

:note: Feel free to either donate POINTS :points: directly to this Contest, or to the Group's Donation Pool
HERE: Unframed-Nature-PTS :iconunframed-nature-pts:
and your donation of points, will greatly help us to host this, our 2nd BIG Contest, as well as distribute points for our last themes of the year, AND RENEW OUR SUPER GROUP on DECEMBER 1st!


Journal Features From These Groups or Individuals

O-Gosh - first three places

Promoted By These Groups or Individuals

:note: Llamas and :+fav:'s will be given out by: Unframed-Nature-PTS, one llama for EACH Winner, and a :+fav: for each winning piece. :nod:
:note: Llamas from sesam-is-open

:bulletblack: Prizes ARE subject to possible changes and hopefully additions! :nod:

:note: IF you would like to offer POINTS :points: or even Premium Memberships to this Contest, directly, you are very much welcomed to do so! :nod:
Simply NOTE me about it, or COMMENT below with your offer, and I will add your Donation to this List! :aww:
You will be featured, and have work requested, and have access to the Group Donors’ Folder in the same ways as if you were to donate to the Group’s Donation Pool, after you have completed your donation. :heart:
Read more HERE: Unframed-Nature-PTS

:note: Any and ALL types of Prizes ARE WELCOMED!
If anyone would like to make stamps, or gift art for any of the winners, it would be really awesome!
Feel free to GET CREATIVE with PRIZE IDEAS! :boogie:
NOTE ME, or COMMENT BELOW, so that I can add you with your prize offer, here! :heart:

:note:  If YOU, individually, or your GROUP would like to FEATURE the Winners of this Contest, please NOTE ME, or Comment Below, so that I can add you to here!

:note: Likewise, if YOU, individually, or your GROUP would like to PROMOTE this Contest, please DO tell me by NOTE if you have done so, or Comment Below, so that I can add you here...

Sometimes a person or Group, Promotes a Contest AND Features the Winners, but sometimes they only do one or the other. So, let me know! :)

:iconspreadmoreloveplz: Any help, support, and prizes for this Contest, is SO greatly appreciated!! :iconspreadmoreloveplz:



:icondonatepointsgreenplz: Points for Our Group :icondonatepointsgreenplz:

First of all, Unframed-Nature can not thank enough our very generous Members, and Administrators alike, who have Donated and continue to Donate :points: points to our Group! A few of them have done so, multiple times! :rose:


When you donate, you are donating to a large and active group, with regular features, news, monthly themes, contests & other events!
To help us to continue, we truly appreciate EACH and every single donation! :love:

The Widget is HERE:
:points: Unframed-Nature-PTS :iconunframed-nature-pts: :points:

Any and ALL Donations would be HIGHLY appreciated... and you will read there how you will be recognized and rewarded for your kind generosity!




So let's get strange and spooooooky! ;)

:iconmarisaspinplz: :iconspiderglompplz: :iconbatwolfglomp: :iconghost-plz: :iconbatwolfglomp: :iconspiderglompplz: :iconmarisaspinplz:



Journal skin by TwiggyTeeluck
Image by pincel3d
More Journal Entries


We accept any group to be our affiliate with the exception if it supports discrimination of people or animals or supports violence
:iconstop-animal-cruelty: Stop-Animal-Cruelty Animals need love too! :iconpure-dogs-fanclub: Pure-Dogs-Fanclub :iconfightforyourdogs: FightForYourDogs Dog Lovers :iconarctic-dogs: Arctic-Dogs :iconlong-lil-doggies: Long-Lil-Doggies Gotta Love Dachshunds!


Add a Comment:
Just wondering if anything is being accepted in this group? Would really like to contribute to a few folders
TeaPhotography Mar 24, 2013  Professional General Artist
I understand very well... it seems the founder has not been around for a very very long time... I have tried to contact her, but I have had no replies... it also seems that I am the only other admin., who is enabled to accept submissions, but unfortunately, I really do not have too much time, given all ten groups I have, and the fact that I simply am busy with my own life, in general.

I have tried to fix this issue, but I do not have ability to fix submissions.

i will be here to accept when I can, but I do not promise much... I have only been able to come here about twice a month lately... and I KNOW that is not enough for only one admin., able to help with a group, and I deeply apologize.
Do you have the ability to switch them off? Traditional-Artists does that after a set time so they can sort through all the submissions. If it's possible, then I say do it until you can wade through, or until the others get back.
Thank you very much for getting back to me, I really appreciate the time taken to answer back.

Its so bad that the founder isn't around very much nowadays, this is a great group I would hate to see it waste away.

I can fully understand that you've been very busy with this group as well as the others you run - and even more so with having a busy life outside of the internet, not everything in your life needs to revolve around dA, I can fully appreciate that ;)

Thank you again for getting back to me with the answer, it's good to know there is someone still trying to keep this group afloat :aww:
TeaPhotography Mar 24, 2013  Professional General Artist
I meant to say, I do not have ability to fix "permissions"
wolfyLRiina Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AruruusLuna Dec 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks for the fave <3 :iconbrohugplz:
AruruusLuna Dec 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
that was an accident xD
Gumidrop Nov 4, 2012  Student Digital Artist
How come you guys never accept my photos? You haven't accepted one this whole year and you use to accept them. Am I submitting them wrong? Am I putting them in the wrong folder? Please let me know...
TeaPhotography Nov 11, 2012  Professional General Artist
It's a very good question...
but I think it's because the Founder has not been here in many many months. I am not sure how many months...
besides herself, I was the only other person she "enabled" to vote on submissions, and I help in a total of ten groups, as it is, plus I also have a life outside of dA...

and so I can not keep up with this group all by myself, since it seems as though I've been left with it...

I just can't do it alone, but since I'm not founder i can't do anything about it.

Each time I DO find a moment, which is rare to come help with this group, there are sooo many submissions, and I can't get through them all.



I am very sorry about all of this,
I know it's annoying,
but it's not my group,
just a group, I said I'd help out with a long time ago, which seems to have been left, and I can't do it all.
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